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Cooling System Repair & Service in Margate City, NJ

Even the most durable and sturdily built vehicle engine will have difficulties performing as it should if it is not being cooled down properly. That is why car manufacturing companies go a long way to develop complex and efficient cooling systems for their products. Consequently, these systems require professional and timely maintenance and repair at a certified facility.

In the Margate City, NJ area, the auto repair shop that can take good care of the cooling system of your vehicle is called Sunny Service Center. Established in 1984, we have been ranked in the Top 40 Automotive Repair Shops in North America and are an AAA-approved facility. We work on foreign and domestic vehicles of all makes and models and deliver the full range of auto repair and maintenance services. We provide coffee, free Wi-Fi, loaner vehicles, and a free shuttle service, too.

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Symptoms that can indicate a failing engine cooling system include:

  • Steam coming from under the hood
  • Overheating engine
  • Low coolant levels
  • Visible coolant leak
  • White exhaust smoke

If your engine is overheating or you notice the symptoms listed above, it is imperative to get your car into our shop for an inspection as soon as possible to prevent further engine damage. Our ASE Certified and ASE Master Certified mechanics are well-versed and experienced in everything auto repair related. They constantly improve and update their knowledge and expertise so that they could face any challenge the industry can throw at them.

If you are in need of radiator and cooling system repair in Margate City, NJ, and the surrounding area, feel free to call Sunny Service Center. If you would like to bring your vehicle straight to our location, you can find it at 7701 Ventnor Avenue, Margate City, NJ 08402. It is also possible for you to schedule an appointment by using the appointment form you can find on this website.

Welcome to Sunny Service Center - we will be happy to solve all of your auto repair problems!

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