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Margate City Oil Change Service at Sunny Sunoco

Here at Sunny Service Center exceptional service by our ASE-certified Technicians.

Oil changes or preventive maintenance services are essential to maintaining a healthy and long-lasting vehicle. No only do oil changes provide a critical service but it also gives our ASE certified technicians the ability to go over your car with our free 39-point digital inspection that will keep you on top of most problems that may be upcoming with your car.

Regular oil changes will keep your car running in its best form and in some cases, keep your warranty intact. (read those warranty agreements!) These services do not need to be done at the dealer to keep your warranty intact. (the Moss Magnuson Warranty Act ) If you do not do your oil changes it can cause the engine oil to thin. This will damage your engine because engine oil is designed to create a protective coating throughout your engine. You should check your oil after every other fill-up.

Our technicians, when they do an oil change will:

  • Do a free 39-point digital inspection and text or email it to you depending on your preference with the health of different parts of your car.
  • They will then securely lift your car so they can get under your car and finish the 39-point inspection
  • They will then drain your old engine oil
  • After that, they will remove your old engine filter
  • After making sure the engine is drained, they will install the new oil filter. We always use top-of-the-line filters.
  • They will then tighten the oil filter back in and fill the oil reservoir with new oil.
  • We will then place a reminder oil change sticker on the top left of your windshield.
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