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5 Important Dashboard Warning Lights to Never Miss

No matter how fast the modern car changes and evolves, some things still stay the same. What we are referring to is your dashboard warning lights. These are universally known signals that can pop up on your dashboard when something goes wrong. When one of these illuminates on your dashboard, your best bet is to take your car to a trusted automotive technician. Below are 5 maintenance/warning lights you should pay attention to:

Tire Pressure Light

The tire pressure warning can look different from vehicle to vehicle. In most cars, it is simply depicted as a tire. In some vehicles, you may see an exclamation point or the phrase "low tire pressure" appearing with it. Your tires have pressure sensors. When one or more of your tires have lost a significant amount of air, it will trigger this warning lightly. Low tire pressure can drastically affect your gas mileage, safety, handling, tire health, and more.

Check Engine Light

This yellow engine block symbol is often feared by many drivers (and with good reason). The element of the unknown is what makes the check engine light so dreadful. You will need to have a technician run diagnostics to pinpoint the problem. It can range from something as minor as a loose gas cap to something as serious as a clogged catalytic converter.

Electrical System Fail

The electrical system warning light is depicted as a car battery symbol. In broad terms, it means that there is a fault in the electrical charging system. It can be related to the starter, battery, alternator, or any wires or fuses in between.

Oil Pressure Light

This light has an old-school style oil can as its symbol. While it can sometimes mean you are low on oil, there is a deeper issue at hand. Typically, it means that you have a bad oil pump or oil filter that is causing the drop in oil pressure. This light can be very serious, so it is best you deal with it as soon as it comes on.

Coolant Temperature Warning

This trouble light looks like a thermometer dipped into a liquid solution. You should refer to the temperature gauge on your dashboard in addition to seeing the light. When this light is red, it means your engine is overheating. You may have a coolant leak, so please get your car to an auto repair shop ASAP.


Whenever any of these warning lights comes on your dashboard, look to Sunny Service Center for help. We welcome you to bring your vehicle to our auto service shop today.

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