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Fluid in Your Vehicle - Best and Worst Practices

Fluid in Your Vehicle - Best and Worst Practices

The vital fluids coursing through your vehicle's mechanical veins keep everything running seamlessly, from the engine to the brakes, and not just the gasoline that fuels its journey. But as vital as these fluids are, there's a surprising amount of misinformation and poor practice out there that can lead to costly repairs or even a breakdown. Understanding Your Vehicle's Fluid Needs Before we plunge into the specifics, let's acknowledge a simple truth: every vehicle is unique. Like the human body, each car, truck, or motorcycle has its own requirements when it comes to type, quantity, and change intervals for fluids. That said, common across all vehicles are some core types of fluids: engine oil, coolant (antifreeze), transmission fluid, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and sometimes differential fluid. Best Practices for Fluid MaintenanceRegular Checks and Timely Changes Adopting a regular maintenance schedule i ... read more

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