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Why Is My Steering Wheel Crooked and How to Fix It

Why Is My Steering Wheel Crooked and How to Fix It

Have you ever noticed that your steering wheel isn't aligned straight when driving in a straight line? This common issue, known as a crooked steering wheel, can be both frustrating and concerning for drivers. But fear not! Here is everything you need to know - to fix and prevent it. Common Causes of Crooked Steering Wheels When your steering wheel isn't aligned straight, it's indicative of an underlying issue within your vehicle's steering and suspension systems. Let's delve into some common culprits behind a crooked steering wheel: Misaligned Wheels One of the primary reasons for a crooked steering wheel is improper wheel alignment. This misalignment can occur due to various factors, including worn suspension components or the aftermath of a recent collision. When the wheels aren't properly aligned, it can lead to the steering wheel being off-center, causing it to veer to one side. Uneven Tire Wear Anothe ... read more

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