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5 Car Noises You Shouldn't Ignore

Since most drivers who use the same vehicle daily would be 'in tune' with their car's sounds it goes without saying that if something in the vehicle sounds strange or 'off' the driver would immediately have the car repaired. Many drivers, however, choose to ignore strange sounds 'for now' if finances or time do not permit them to take the vehicle to the mechanic.

Thus said, it is important not to ignore strange or unusual sounds in a car as these sounds could be a sign of major damage that would put the driver even more out of pocket or in extreme danger when driving.

Here are five noises a vehicle driver should not ignore:

A squealing or screeching sound coming from the wheels when you apply brakes. This could mean the friction material is worn out and the metal start rubbing on the rotors, and this is what usually makes the noise. Ignoring this could lead to the loss of braking action entirely, which is extremely dangerous.

A hissing sound from the engine could mean problems with the radiator overheating or a leak in one of the joints or tubes connected to the cooling system and vacuum line. A broken radiator affects the whole engine and the car would be undrivable if this should be the reason for the hissing.

A moaning or growling sound when driving could be an indicator that the power-steering pump has issues and even though not all modern vehicles have hydraulics, it is best to have that sound checked out instead of just ignoring it.

A grinding or crunching sound when changing gears in a manual car could mean the clutch is dragging, gearbox fluid is low or a synchronizer is worn out. Ignoring this would lead to hugely expensive repairs and the non-use of the vehicle until it is sorted out.

A roaring exhaust is one of the most common wear and tear issues in a vehicle and if exhaust noise is loud when accelerating it could mean that there is a hole somewhere in the system or that the exhaust system needs a new muffler or replacement of worn-out or rusted pipes.

If you need a car noise diagnosed, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our shop today!

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