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5 Things You’re Doing Wrong with Your Vehicle

As mechanics, we’ve seen many people mistreat their cars. And it can be quite disheartening because it can all be prevented with proper car care. Sometimes drivers don’t even realize what they’re doing wrong that’s hurting their car. 


If you want your vehicle to last you a long time here is a list of things to avoid:

Ignoring dashboard warning lights

Some dashboard warning lights are more serious than others, you should never wait for them to turn off by themselves. If you need help diagnosing a light, please Bring your car to our auto repair shop for assistance.

Overfilling your tires

While it is good to top off your tires with air, you have to be careful not to fill them too much. Overinflated tires can cause premature wear. You should always follow the PSI that your automaker recommends.

Using household soap to wash your car

Household cleaning items have very harsh chemicals in them. They’re usually made to break down grease and grime, which is why they can seriously damage your vehicle's paint. Instead, please opt for a soap made specifically for cars to avoid stripping your paint. 

Leaving food and drinks in your car

As unsanitary as it sounds, drivers do this a lot. It can leave nasty odors in your car which will eventually decrease your car's resale value. Furthermore, the drinks can expand in freezing temperatures causing spills and messes. 

Neglecting maintenance

People often say “why fix what’s not broken”. Well, this can be applicable in some situations, this statement does not apply to cars. Vehicle maintenance is key in preserving the longevity and safety of your car. So please think again before skipping an oil change.


At Sunny Sunoco, we always want what’s best for you and your automobile. For all your auto maintenance and repair needs, please call or schedule an appointment with us online today.

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