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Air in Your Brake Lines?

Your car's brakes are super essential to your safety and the condition of your vehicle. When you apply pressure to the brake pedal, your car is supposed to slow or stop. However, bad brakes can prevent this from happening and lead to serious accidents. 


The brake lines are the sections within your braking system that hold and circulate your brake fluid. And air is a major foe to your brakes because it reduces pressure and makes the braking process way less effective. When air escapes into the brake lines, your brake system will suffer consequences. 


Here are some symptoms that indicate you have air in your brake lines: 

  • Brake pedal feels spongy and loose when you press down
  • Brakes feel soft and not as effective (longer stopping distance)
  • Brake pedal presses too close to the floor

Any of these warning symptoms can mean that there is air in your brake lines, and we recommend taking your vehicle to Sunny Sunoco as soon as possible. Driving with weak brakes can be incredibly dangerous, and you can trust that our professionals can identify the issue and recommend the necessary repairs for you.


You might be wondering, "how does air get into the system anyway?" The brake system is designed to be air-tight; however, you can bring air into the system if you are driving with worn-out brake pads or have an issue with the brake calipers or pistons. 


The solution to this problem is brake bleeding, which removes air from the fluid system. If you presume you need brake repair, please call Sunny Sunoco at (609) 385-1548 or visit our shop in Margate City, NJ, soon!

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