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Air Conditioning Maintenance Importance

It's spring and that means the heat is on its way. Happens every year, and you know as much as the other person that you do not want to get stuck with a faulty A/C during the first heat wave when everyone else who is sweating tries to find an appointment to get it fixed. If you have any questions, we here, at Sunny Service Center are always happy to help you. This article will hopefully answer some of your questions, if you have other question feel free to message us. Your air conditioning is part of your HAVC system. Which stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It’s an important part of your car’s functionality. It keeps you comfortable in any season with the right amount humidity and temperature. It also helps with defrosting your car. It should be checked annually. If you are unsure of your maintenance history, we at Sunny Service Center keep track of that for you. Here are some of the most asked questions:  What would h ... read more

My Check Engine Light Just Came On - Now What?

My Check Engine Light Just Came On - Now What?

Almost every person who owns and drives a vehicle has one thing in common - they all dread the despicable "check engine" light. Everybody is thankful that their vehicle has a computer system with the technology to put out a warning when it senses that a particular part or system of the car is experiencing some sort of issue. If left ignored, that issue could result in causing some serious damage to your vehicle. The reason the check engine light is such a hassle is that it tells us there is an issue with the car, but it does not pinpoint that issue for us. It could turn out to be something minor, like a loose cap on either the gas tank or one of the engine fluid containers, but at the same time, it could be a major issue such as a transmission problem, in which case further driving of the vehicle is highly advised against. The only way to really understand what the check engine light is indicating is by running a computer diagnostics test on the vehicle. Unfortunately, not ... read more

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