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Why Do My Headlights Look Yellow and Foggy?

Why Do My Headlights Look Yellow and Foggy?

Modern cars no longer have glass coverings on their headlights. Nowadays, automobile light bulbs are protected by polycarbonate plastic coverings, which is a durable plastic made to be resistant to harsh road conditions. They are also not as dangerous as glass if shattered in a collision or accident.  After an extended period of exposure to the sun’s UV rays, dirt, debris, chemicals (like road salt), and other harmful pollutants, the lens is likely to oxidize. When this happens, the clear top cover may appear hazy and even turn yellow. As a result, your headlights may look significantly dull, even if your light bulbs work fine.  That is why not all foggy headlights need to be replaced. With the work of the experienced team at Sunny Service Center, we can restore your headlights to look brand new again. We offer amazing headlight restoration services to ensure your car lights are always running in tip-top shape. How to Prevent Headlight Oxidation Regular vehicle was ... read more

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