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Why Are My Lights So Faint?

Why Are My Lights So Faint?

With the days growing shorter, Margate City, NJ residents will have to rely on their car lights even more. Whenever your lights, especially headlights, start to look fuzzy or act unusual in any way, it could dangerously impact your visibility on the road. Unfortunately, many problems can cause your vehicle's lights to malfunction. The three most common problem areas are your battery, alternator, and wires. Battery  The first electrical component you should consider checking when your lights are corrupted is the battery. Your battery could be aging and need a replacement soon. The best way to tell is by having one of our professionals test it at Sunny Sunoco.  Alternator If your battery passes the test, then the second place you should check is the alternator. A malfunctioning alternator will only affect your vehicle lights when the car is turned on. The alternator is the machine that charges the battery when your vehicle is on, and if it stops working, the battery wil ... read more

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