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Top Signs of Engine Problems

Any car owner knows that a healthy engine is a secret to long and smooth service from your car. However, even with optimum care for your vehicle, there is still a possibility that your engine might develop problems. Therefore, it's crucial to maintain regular visits to the mechanic for maintenance to reduce the risk of engine problems. The advantage is that before a total engine failure, your car will first give you signs that you should not ignore. Some of these signs include:

The Check Engine Light

Once the check engine light illuminates, something is not functioning correctly. Although this might be as simple as a lid that needs tightening, it's essential to visit your mechanic and get a diagnostic test done as soon as possible. Swift action could prevent further damage and prevent you from being stranded on the roadside.

Suspicious Noises

Once you are used to your car, you will be conversant with the noises that it usually makes and it will be easier for you to notice when there is a different kind of noise. Some of the noises that should get you worried include knocking, grinding, and squealing. A knocking sound means the rod bearings are worn out or loose, while a grinding noise might indicate that your front brake pads are wearing off. Finally, the squalling could signify that the fan belt is getting overworked. However, the bottom line is that something is not properly functioning once you hear new noises.

Decreased Performance

Although it's normal for a car to decrease its performance as it gets old, sudden decreases should be a cause for concern. For example, if your fueling efficiency gets worse by the minute, it could mean that your car has developed a compression stroke issue. Therefore, keep an eye out for your car's performance over time.


Your car will give you some of these signs and many others before it gives up ultimately. Never hesitate to visit an auto repair shop if you get an unusual sign from your car, even if you don't understand it.

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