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How Frequently Does Transmission Fluid Need to be Changed or Flushed?

There are various factors that affect your intervals for fluid changes, especially when it comes to fluid changes. To determine if and when your vehicle needs a transmission fluid change or flush, you should do the following steps mentioned below:


First and foremost, you should physically check the fluid. You will need to see if your car model comes with a fluid dipstick designated for the transmission. Some modern cars do not come with this traditional tool. If this is the case for you, you should bring your car to a trusted mechanic, where they can check it using a dipstick or oiling plug. 


Next, you should always refer to your owner's manual for recommended intervals for your transmission fluid changes. These checkpoints may also vary depending on how you drive your car (do you carry heavy loads? do you tow? etc.)


Sometimes, manufacturers will not mention transmission fluid maintenance whatsoever. In that case, many vehicle owners will doubt whether they need to get the service at all. For newer cars, you are better off having your transmission fluid checked by a professional and go from there. For older models with many miles on it, odds are your transmission fluid is filthy and grimy. An experienced tech may recommend skipping the fluid change and going straight for the flush. Having this done will rid the entire fluid system of the gunk and prevent rust and other damages from occurring.


If you think you may be due for a transmission fluid service, please do not hesitate to reach out to the transmission experts at Sunny Sunoco today. 

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