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How to Road Travel With Your Pet

These days, pets are welcomed almost everywhere―restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, and even movie theaters. Who's to say that you can't take your doggy or kitty on a road trip? Traveling with pets may seem like an extra weight on your shoulder at first, but it can be fun if you prepare for it. You can take specific steps to ensure your furry pal is comfortable and safely make it through the journey!


The Window Problem

We've all seen it in movies where the dog basks in the sun with its tongue out and head peeking out the window. The reality is that a dog should not be allowed to hang its head out of the window. You need to consider your pet's overall health and safety. Not only can debris or foreign objects come face-to-face with the dog, but the heavy airflow can hurt the animal's respiratory system.

Beware of Airbags

Another problem to consider is where to situate your pet. It is recommended that your cat or dog stays in the back seat or storage area of the car and away from where airbags could deploy. While airbags are a great safety feature for adults, they can strike the little ones. 

Bring a Harness

Harnessing your pooch may sound inhumane, but it really isn't! These pieces of equipment are intended to protect your pets, or else you can send them flying when you have to hard brake. Most harnesses are exceptionally comfortable and allow you to connect the restraint with the vehicle's seat belt. Your dog may yip or yap a bit, but once it realizes there is some room to move about, it will quickly get comfortable for the trip. 

Never Leave Your Pets in the Car

Many animals tend to get separation anxiety, and it can be worse when they're in a vehicle by themselves. Your little one can cause destruction and endless whining noises. It would be best if you never left your animal unattended in the car, even with the windows cracked.


We hope some of these topics help you figure out a plan for how to travel with your cat or dog. You will surely enjoy your trip with a friendly companion there, but there are potential hazards you have to acknowledge. Before you head on the open road, feel free to take your vehicle to Sunny Sunoco for a pre-trip inspection to ensure safety for you and your pet(s)! *ps - we are a pet-friendly shop*

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