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Long Term Maintenance for your motorized carriage. (car, I mean car)

So, you’ve been with your car a little over a year now. Your mind is beginning to wonder about what’s in store for you down the road. Your thinking about what could go wrong, and if you’re going to make it thru the rough times ahead. If you are anything like me you’re going to want to know what to expect. Usually if you do your routine maintenance you shouldn't have many problems (aside from a flat tire here and there, that darn nail!)

Important flushes:

  • Brake fluid Flush- 30k or every 2 years
  • Coolant Flush- 30k or every 5 years
  • Transmission Flush= CVT every 2 years (type of fluid) or 15 k for Honda and Acura
  • Power steering Flush- 75-100k
  • Rear differential- 30k-60k
  • Induction Cleaning- 30k (15k with a lot of city driving)

Important parts replacements:

  • Timing Belts-60k-105k
  • Shocks-4-5 years
  • Water pump- 100k if you have a good one, a cheap one can go at 30k, also should be changed with timing belt if its driven by timing belt (it’ll save you $)
  • Tires-5 years or when the wear gets to be 2/32”
  • Brakes- 30k-70k
  • Battery- 4-6 years
  • TPMS- 5-10 years
  • Bulbs- this depends on a lot of factors, such as: kind of bulb, how often you use them, if your car develops a short.

Now this may seem like a lot of work. Who has time for this? Well let’s put it in perceptive… your car is a system that works together. If one goes than it starts to affect the other systems, and as they start to go bad it affects even more. Soon it’ll be anarchy, a very, very expansive anarchy. Than you’ll be walking yourself down to the car dealership to start the cycle all over again. Like any relationship you get out what you put in.


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