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My Mechanic and I, A Love Story


So, your car is making weird noises. Yikes! Now its time to find a mechanic. Going to the mechanic can be right up there with going to the dentist or the doctor. Yet it must be done. Even worse than going is not going. Picture it if you will… you’re driving down the Garden State Parkway and to your horror on top of the noise there’s now a rumbling and some shaking, and its not from you wiggling and moving to the beat. So, you pull off to the side of highway that cars travel down at high speed. Terrified of going on you call a towing company, but they are at least 3 hours out and you’re late for work. This usually ranks as a bad day. The best way to avoid bad days caused by car troubles? Have your car looked at each season. The price and the headaches are way less if you just bite the bullet and go, like the dentist. Now how do you find a mechanic that you want to see four-ish times a year? I’m Lucky enough to have found my shop. So, I’ll give you some advice on how to find yours. These are a few things I look for personally.

  1. Friendly. Frankly life is hard enough to have someone that seems heckled by your presence and to give them money for it…. No thank you.
  2. Honest. Now this one is hard, because you must be around them a little first, but you can usually get reviews online.
  3. Not a Money sucker. The guy who seems like a snake in the grass. Who is just out to rake in the cash. I’m not a fan. Does sometimes fixing one problem causes another thing to go, yes. I’m talking about five visits later and they keep find something new. A good repair shop will let you know what needs to be done up front so you’re walking into repairs with your eyes wide open
  4. Don’t go for the cheapest guy. You get what you pay for. I once had a mechanic put my tires on the wrong way. Rookie mistake, and a dangerous one. I terminated our relationship, he might have been cheap, but my life is worth more to me than some pinched pennies.
  5. Quality. Let me explain, this is something that you spend a lot of time in. To have it in good working order is a safety issue for not only you but everyone that drives in your car and who you share the road with. It deserves the better parts. You spent how much money on it? If you put quality parts in your car will last years longer.
  6. Prideful. You want the guys that take pride in their work.
  7. AAA certified. A great way to tell if the shop is on the up and up.
  8. Warranties. If they’re willing to back their work with a warranty you might just have found a real winner.

These helped me find my shop. We are now in a very committed relationship, Thank you very much. They keep track of what has been done, what needs to be done, and they watch out for any hazards. Also, They are have a shop pup, so I look forward to our rendezvous.


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