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Pet safety on the 4th of July!

Hello my friends! I'm taking a break from my love story to help you help keep our furry friends safe during our loud, proud holiday. While we can get caught up in our celebrations (and since we now can legally purchase fireworks in NJ) I would like to remind everyone that our dog friends are usually pretty scared of the big bangs that fireworks produce.

Dogs tend to react the same way humans do when scared, fight or flight. So while some dogs may bark back and think they can take on that loud noise a mono y a mono, others may try with desperation to get away. Try to keep your dogs inside tomorrow in the nice air conditioning. If they need to go out try to supervise them, because if someone sets off a firework they will Loony Toons their way out of the back yard and run like the road runner. *Meep meep* With everyone traveling tomorrow, this can get ugly.

The last thing you want to do tomorrow is chase your fur baby down hot streets trying to wrangle them to come home. Its usually isn't easy being as they are terrified out of their minds. This will also increase the chance of heat stroke if its hot outside. Like a said, ugly.

Here's hoping you and yours have a safe, fun, happy holiday!


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