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The Most Common Causes of Car Battery Failure

A car's battery is crucial to its operation, particularly starting the vehicle. Proper maintenance of a vehicle's battery will ensure your car runs optimally. Part of car battery maintenance is ensuring that the battery does not fail. The following are the most common causes of battery failure:

  • Aging

Natural aging of the battery is the primary cause of car battery failure. A car battery typically has a lifespan of about six years.
With time, the battery's resistance increases, making it harder for it to work. Eventually, the battery will die and fail, making a replacement mandatory.

  • Poor Care

The second most common reason vehicle batteries fail is due to improper maintenance by the car owner. Owners should read the manual so they can know how to maintain their car batteries.
Human negligence of car batteries includes things like leaving the lights on, using the radio for too long, not replacing battery fluid, and more.
If you take proper care of your car's battery, it will function optimally until it dies.

  • Corrosion

Battery acid is extremely corrosive. You will see this at the battery nodes or terminals as they will be a build-up of corrosive material.
If the battery's terminals are corroded, it cannot get charged by the alternator. If it does not charge properly, your car will not get the power it needs to run.
Cleaning and removing the corrosion will solve the problem.

  • Extreme Conditions

Extreme weather conditions can do significant damage to a car's battery. Sweltering heat and frigid cold will cause the battery to malfunction.
Therefore, avoid element exposure during summer and winter to prevent battery issues.

The above are the most common reasons for battery failure. Bring your vehicle to Sunny Service Center for a new battery.

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