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The Talk: Regular maintence for your car and what it entails

So, you’ve found your mechanic. That is wonderful news. Congrats! I’m so happy for you both. As happy as you guys are, do you find your conversations beginning to lag? Why don’t you ask him about regular maintenance that your cars going to need? My mechanic calls these 3k, 6k, 9k and yearly maintence. (I did warn you that its going be 4-ish times a year.) I like to call them my seasonal visits. If you would rather get a break down from me, well buckle up honey. You’re in for a ride.

The first one that’s due is fondly called the 3K maintenance. Now this ideally should be your 1st date with your mechanic unless you had him peak at your car before you bought it. Why is it called a 3K you ask? That would be because this visit should be scheduled right around 3,000 miles traveled in your car. This one varies depending on what oil you use in your car. Conventional or synthetic. If you run on conventional you’re going to need an oil change. Run on synthetic? Than you are good for season or 3000 miles. 3K also includes: transmission fluid and power steering fluid check, air filter check, and a peak at your battery and cables, and your belts. Not so bad. Your guy should be checking for any up and coming car concerns here too.

Up next is the 6K. Now this should be scheduled around 6,000 miles. (are you beginning to see a pattern?) On top of the oil change (for all!) you are going to need wiper blades and some chassis lubrication. Ok, wiper blades are straight forward, but what is chassis lubrication!?! Sounds ominous. Let me break it down. Its lubricating everywhere something is bolted to the frame of your car or chassis. This prevents squeaks and noisy rides. Also, when it dries out it increases the likelihood of breaks. Yikes!

9k is pretty simple. It’s an oil change again for all you conventional oil people, and everything else that needs to be done for the 3k checkup. I also like to add some of the yearly maintenance here. Which would be: Brake fluid exchange, Coolant check, Steering and suspension checks, Wheel Alignment, and AC service. That creates a nice manageable care list for me.Which leaves open one more visit for issues that arise from wear on your car.

Is this ALL that you have to do to your car in a year? Probably not. Will regular oil changes and peaks under the hood keep you safer and keep your car kicking years longer? Yes. I like to compare going to the mechanic to going to the dentist. Regular check ups will keep you from having the big problems, which equal to big bucks more often. Stay tuned for a long-term care timeline.


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