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What to do if my car rims are bent


What to do if my Car Rims are Bent

Driving over potholes is uncomfortable and jarring for not only you but your car. If you notice your car driving differently after going over one you might have some damage like you can see in two of the photos. Unfortunately, not all damage to rims can be seen easily, some damage can be hidden by the tire and the car itself.

Damage to your rims, no matter how minor, can have expensive long-term consequences.

The following damage can be caused by damaged Rims (these are not always immediate; some issues happen over time due to the uneven way the tire now sits on the wheel):

  • Flat tires
  • Alignment issues
  • Decreased gas efficiency
  • Axle issues
  • Drive shaft issues

What causes bent rims

Damage can happen for other reasons than potholes. Damage can also occur from hitting curbs, car accidents, and driving off-road (among other reasons).

If you have minor bent damage, getting that fixed as soon as possible is recommended to avoid bigger repair bills. For more severe damage your rim will need to be replaced, also as soon as possible.

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