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Why Should You Change Timing Belt?

It is a rubber loop that has ridges carved into it. It keeps them in synchronization by going around the teeth of the crankshaft, which connects to the pistons, and the camshaft, which regulates the valves. In other words, it controls the timing of the pistons' up-and-down movement to open and close valves.

Most engines' valves and pistons are literally headed for collision if a belt isn't performing its job. Additionally, something may go wrong in an instant due to the engine's high rate of rotation.

The worst-hit parts are the valves, which typically bend when the piston hits. However, the cylinder walls and piston may also be harmed. It entails severe engine damage and pricey repairs. Thankfully, it can also be prevented.

On the side of the road, a gray car is parked, and someone is peering under the hood. For the manufacturer's advice on when to change your belt, consult your owner's manual. The majority of mechanics advise changing it between 60,000 and 100,000 miles. Then, check your odometer to determine how close you are to this point. Check underneath the hood last. Check for signs of drying, fraying, or fading.

Changing a belt may fall under your skill set if you perform a lot of your own maintenance on your vehicle. Find a timing belt kit that includes everything you'll need to replace one. Your neighborhood AutoCare offers the supplies, equipment, and expertise to complete the task properly if you'd prefer to leave it to a professional.
Nobody desires an engine replacement or complete rebuilding at 100,000 miles or fewer. A great approach to prevent the inconvenience of catastrophic engine failure is to replace your timing belt.

Regular check-ups with your mechanic will help save your engine and keep it functioning at a very high level. If you need timing belt replacement, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!


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