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Back to School Safety

Back to School

So, your precious babyies are off to college! You want to make sure they’re prepared and safe. You have their dorm room supplies, class schedules, and you have all the emergency numbers tattooed to their arm. (ok, so maybe not tattooed). Have you checked on their car? Teenagers are notorious for letting car problems slide until the last minute. So, is their car up to scratch? Let’s see.

  1. ENGINE- Does the car have any check engine lights on?
  2. FUNCTION-Does everything work properly? (AC, Radio, Seat belts, turn signals?)
  3. WIPER BLADES-Do the wiper blades wipe away the rain?
  4. LIGHTS-Headlights, Brake lights, cabin lights, running lights? All glowing brightly?
  5. EMERGENCY CAR KIT-Do they have jumper cables and an emergency kit?
  6. BASIC CAR CARE-Do they have the know how to change a car tire? Can they read tire pressure? Can they execute basic car care?
  7. FLUIDS-Are the fluids tip top?
  8. BRAKES-Can their car stop without squealing? (brakes, I’m talking brakes)
  9. LOVE-Can they even comprehend how much you love them?

Ok, so I added the last one in to see if you were paying attention.

Your children are off to take over the world, one class at a time. Make sure you send them off safe!


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