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Animals and your car

Animals and your car

Animals that use your car as a nest, hiding space, or refuge from the weather   As I was driving around today on this cold day I had a bird fly out of my windshield wiper area! I hadn’t gotten far and this poor little bird and I were both startled. It got me thinking on how we can prevent those little un-pleasantries for both of our sakes and our cars.   Animals are not thinking about you or your car when they go to find a place to get out of the weather or make a home. They don’t have the ability to reason that this is a car, there’s a person who owns this and it’s going to be a bad time. All they are thinking is that this place is warm and dry. So how can we help each other out?   How to dislodge and deter animals from making your car their shelter: As much as I personally hate being startled, this might be the best and safest way to warn the animals that you’re about to get moving. So give your car ... read more


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