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Car Batteries and The Cold

Car Batteries and the Cold

It is cold outside. Winter is here and it is the time of year that batteries start showing their age. There are multiple reasons as to why your battery is losing charge. Batteries are only expected to last 3-5 years, and that is with a good alternator. There are other factors that can lessen your battery life.

Driving Habits

Sometimes not taking the scenic route will cost you. If you only drive short trips that can lessen your battery life. Your alternator will not be able to recharge your battery usage. A short trip is considered a half-hour or less.

Freezing weather

Fully charged batteries will only freeze at around -75 degrees, but if it less than full it can freeze at around 32 degrees. Therefore, when it gets cold outside people often find that their car battery will not start in the morning. Which is frustrating and inconvenient.


Idling for prolong times. Running your car and not moving it also drains your battery. Your car is made to move. Taking your breaks in your running car might get you away from your coworkers and give you a chance to recharge, but the same can not be said for your battery.

Bumpy roads/ Trails

Going muddin’ is gets the blood pumping, just make sure that when you are done you check to make sure your cables didn’t come lose. A poor connection can lead to a drain on your battery.

Leaving your car outside

Leaving your car outside will also shorten your battery life. If you can, it is recommended that you bring your car in your garage, especially on cold days.

Other reasons

There could be a parasitic drain or another part of your car not working at 100%, such as your alternator. When one part starts to go bad it acts like a waterfall and starts causing other problems with the other parts it is connected to.

We use Interstate Batteries unless your car needs a specialized battery. Interstate is a great quality battery. On the side of the car batteries is a QR code that will tell you the age of your battery. Even better though, you can bring in your battery and we will check it for you! 


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