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Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!   Do you know what it takes to make it easier on you or your car during these cold winter months? The cold is hard on cars. Especially their batteries, wiper blades, tires, paint job, heating system and lights. Make sure to check on them often for your (and others) safety.   We have compiled two lists for you to check to help you!   Things you should have in your care in case of emergencies:   Blankets- Cold leads to hypothermia, and if your car gets stuck or breaks down blankets will help keep you warm. Collapsible Snow Shovel- to dig yourself out Non-Perishable Food – because who doesn’t like a snack? We recommend Protein bars. Water- water= life Spare Change and Cash- You never know when the power will go out Flashlight, Jumper Cables, First Aid kit, Road Flares/ Reflective Warning Triangles and Portable Air pump/flasher- because you should always have them Kitty Litter- cheaper than u ... read more


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