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How to Change your Key Fob Battery

Kinds of key fobs There are quite a few types of key fobs in the market today. The most common today is the switchblade or flip-style key fob, this one gives you the ability to hide the key when it is not in use. Key fobs range from aftermarket fobs to key fobs to ones that link directly to the Vin of your car, to the keyless fob. Key Fobs are getting more technologically advanced as time goes on. Some have remote start; some can summon your car and even park it! How often do the batteries need to be changed? For most key fobs the batteries last 3-4 years. Sometimes key fobs die without warning but usually, they start with not locking or unlocking the car with a single push of the button and build to it taking multiple tries to open or lock your car. Depending on the type of key fob you have you may be able to change the battery on your own with the battery size for your fob and a small screwdriver and the help of YouTube. If that sounds tedious t ... read more



Are You Car Trip Ready?

Summer is here and living is easy! After the long cold year of 2020, we are ready to get out and live a little bit more. If you, like most Americans this summer, are planning on a trip by car make sure you get your car checked before you go. Unfortunately, due to covid, the car repair industry is still scrambling to get parts. This is forecasted to last into 2022. Parts that use to take us 2 days to receive now have taken as long as 6 weeks.  This is also useful to keep in mind as you plan to send your kids off to school and/or tailgating season approaches. If you suspect something is wrong with your car, try to bring it in right away so we can order the parts you need in time for your big trip. Being preemptive instead of reactive is more important now than ever to keep your life running as smoothly as possible.  As always, we here at Sunny Service Center, are here for you and look forward to seeing you

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