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How to Check Fluids in Car.

It is important to check the fluids under your hood regularly. Sometimes it can be confusing under there and it is important to get the fluids into the right place. Colin and Pooh Bear walk you through what to look for in this video to take all the guesswork out of figuring out what fluid goes where. The fluids you should be checking at least once a month are:  Oil Windshield wiper fluid Power steering fluid Brake Fluid Coolant Transmission Fluid- This may or may not be in your car. Some cars have an electric transmission, which does not need fluid.  The reason for the monthly check is to catch a leak and to check the color and quality of the fluids. For warned is forearmed and catching things early can not only help your car but your wallet as well. 



Season of Potholes

The Season of Pot holes is upon us! Winter is hard on everyone and everything, yes that means on your roads and cars as well. That is why April is Car care Aware month. Its time to freshen up for the Spring. The biggest threat to your car right now is pot holes and neglect of maintenance. Pot holes meh, am I right? They come back every spring like flowers. They are caused by water seeping into the cracks of the pavement, then freezing and thawing, and then being driven on causes the pavement to weaken and eventually give.  If you lucky your city is on them like white on rice. Either way they are a danger to your car. Alignments, Tires, Hubs, your exhaust, your under carriage and depending on how deep it is anything within its evil grasp. It can cause leaks, dents and compromise the integrity of parts and sometimes clips can come off and parts can start to drag.   Is there any way to avoid them? Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee, that’s because your car can ... read more


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