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How to Check Fluids in Car.

It is important to check the fluids under your hood regularly. Sometimes it can be confusing under there and it is important to get the fluids into the right place. Colin and Pooh Bear walk you through what to look for in this video to take all the guesswork out of figuring out what fluid goes where. The fluids you should be checking at least once a month are:  Oil Windshield wiper fluid Power steering fluid Brake Fluid Coolant Transmission Fluid- This may or may not be in your car. Some cars have an electric transmission, which does not need fluid.  The reason for the monthly check is to catch a leak and to check the color and quality of the fluids. For warned is forearmed and catching things early can not only help your car but your wallet as well. 



Why Is my Power Steering not working?

What is Power Steering? The Power Steering system of your car makes turning your car easy. If you have ever driven a classic car without power steering, you understand how hard it use to be. Also, without power steering, you use to have to accelerate to turn, like a Jet ski. Where is Power Steering located? The Power steering system is a part of a larger system, it goes from your steering wheel all the way to your tires. Long story short, that means to look under the front of your car for leaking. Sometimes there is a warning light that will go on if you are having an issue, but not always. These are signs that your power steering is going bad or is bad: Low on power steering fluid- this shows when turning gets harder to do. Also, it may start whining. Power steering pump or motor went bad- this is evident when you strain to turn your steering wheel or sound like high-pitched screaming Serpentine belt broken- The car may stall ( ... read more

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